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Top 5 Management Tools for Your Organization You Need to Know  
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Did you know that businesses using these tools can be 25% more productive? About 70% of companies are looking for tools that can do many things at once.  

Welcome to our informative journey into business improvement! In this blog, you will be getting insights about five most popular one-stop solutions. We’ll explore KestrelPro, Zoho One, Apptivo, Striven, and, seeing how they help with productivity, teamwork, and success. By the end, you’ll understand how these tools can make a big difference in how businesses operate in today’s fast-paced world.

Features KestrelProZoho
One-stop SolutionIt aligns all the departments strategically towards the business goals (HR, PM, Sales, Admin, Finance and C-suite) through a single platform. It is a suite of multiple applications covering CRM, project management, finance, HR, etc.It is a software suite for enterprise management. It is a software for business management, that helps manage projects, tasks, HR and sales. It is a comprehensive platform for time and billing for businesses.  
ROIOptimal resource management allows organizations to fully leverage their existing workforce without the need for additional investments in new resources. Offers project management and resource planning tools but may require additional customization for detailed comparison. Provides tools for resource planning and allocation but may not offer specific features for comparing allocation vs actual allocation. Offers ERP solutions that include resource planning and allocation features. Provides features for resource management but may not offer detailed comparisons between allocated and actual resources. 
Informed DecisionsScales up your business with detailed reports such as project budget forecasting, resource utilization, allocation  
and availability. 
Provides analytics and reporting features but may require additional customization for advanced insights. Offers reporting and analytics tools for generating insights, though they may not be as extensive as KestrelPro. Offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, empowering businesses. Provides analytics tools for gaining insights into business performance but may not offer extensive features. 
Strategic Departmental AlignmentFacilitates alignment of different departments (HR, PM, Sales, Admin, Finance and C-suite) towards common business goals, fostering synergy and collaboration. Offers collaboration tools and customizable workflows. Provides features for collaboration and communication but may not offer specific tools for strategic alignment. Focuses on providing ERP solutions for streamlined operations. Offers collaboration tools but may not have specific features for strategic alignment. 
Cost-effectivenessKestrelPro starts at Rs. 200 or, making it affordable for businesses of all sizes. Its pricing ensures accessibility without compromising on features or quality. Operates on a subscription-based model, with pricing ranging from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 4000, making it comparatively pricier than other options. Provides flexible pricing plans, offering practical solutions at approximately Rs. 1600, catering to diverse business needs and budgets. Pricing commences at Rs. 2900, subject to variation depending on features and deployment choices. The cost hovers near Rs. 24,900, but it’s dynamic, shaped by feature preferences and deployment alternatives within each solution. 

In the search for the best tool to manage everything, KestrelPro stands out as a leader in innovation, offering a complete solution to help businesses move forward. Our research shows that businesses using such tools can be 25% more productive on average. KestrelPro’s starting price of INR Rs 200 shows that accessibility is important to us. It’s not just a number; it shows our commitment to ensuring everyone can use it. When you’re thinking about managing your business and making smart decisions with data, keep in mind that companies that invest in good tools can reduce costs by 22%. You have a choice to make, and it’s an important one. Choose the right tool, and you’ll be on your way to success. 

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