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What features differentiate KestrelPro from other decision-making tools? 

KestrelPro is a data-driven decision-making tool meant explicitly for C-level executives that help them with –

  • Gathering operational-level insights
  • Building Smarter and more efficient teams 
  • Effective team allocation


How does KestrelPro support resource allocation and project management?

These functionalities of the web app helps the relevant stakeholders to identify resources based on the skillset of the resources and can allocate hours to the specific resources for a project.


Can KestrelPro monitor real-time employee performance for all projects assigned?

KestrelPro can help understand how employees use their time productively for any assigned project. This helps evaluate individual performance through insightful reports generated by the application, which is only accessible by the project managers. 


What is the type of report available in KestrelPro?

KestrelPro provides actionable insights in the form of detailed analytics reports on project budget forecasting and resource availability and helps you become future-ready by unlocking the potential of your human capital.


How can I set up a KestrelPro product demo? 

You can click the ‘Request a Demo button on the website and book your KestrelPro demo by filling in the required details in the form. 


How is KestrelPro related to timesheet management? 

KestrelPro helps take a summary of tasks done by the employees for a particular project that helps evaluate the time required to complete a particular task. 


Can KestrelPro integrate with third-party tools? 

Yes, KestrelPro supports third-party API integrations. 


Can billable hours be approved? 

Relevant stakeholders can approve the billable/invoicing hours in KestrelPro. Along with detailed resource utilization reports, you can understand how billable hours are used and identify how revenue is affected in KestrelPro.


Does KestrelPro support hourly and fixed-price projects?

Yes, KestrelPro does support hourly and fixed-price projects.

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